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How Would a Contested Election Work? Five Things to Know 
Recounts and legal challenges can take months to play out in some cases, but not in the election of a president: the Constitution sets strict deadlines, and not just the date for the inauguration. There have been some long fights for office elsewhere.

Doctors Have Little Guidance On What To Do With Racist Patients 
It was Dr. Emily Whitgob’s first year in a supervising role at Stanford Hospital when she first encountered discrimination from a patient. The father of a pediatric patient took one look at her intern’s name tag and asked if the last name was Jewish.

New leaked emails adds fuel to Clinton Foundation controversy 
Former President Bill Clinton, center, and daughter Chelsea Clinton, right, look on during a ceremonial swearing-in for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Monday, Feb. 2, 2009, at the State Department in Washington. The CBS News battleground ...

New Body-Cam Video Shows Police Finding Chelsea Bombing Suspect Ahmad Rahimi 
Police stumbled upon Ahmad Khan Rahimi, the man charged with setting off bombs in New Jersey and New York last month, while he was sleeping in the doorway of a building, according to newly released police body camera video. Prosecutors in New Jersey on ...

The Polls -- All Of Them -- Show Hillary Clinton Leading 
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is either slightly ahead or way ahead of Republican Donald Trump with just 13 days until Election Day, according to new polls released Wednesday. An AP-GFK poll shows Clinton leading by an astonishing 14 ...

Road to 270: CNN's latest electoral college map 
WashingtonOne week after we moved Nevada and Florida from "battleground" to "lean Democratic," both states appear to be snapping back to their traditional toss-up status. Our new CNN electoral outlook places both states back in the "battleground" category ...

Trump touts 'new deal for black America' at campaign rally in Charlotte 
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump unveiled what he called a “New Deal for black America” and revealed a handful of new proposals aimed at revitalizing impoverished urban areas on Wednesday in hope to sway minority voters. Part of Trump’s ...

Beneath Cheers at Donald Trump’s Rallies, Dark Fears Take Hold 
COLORADO SPRINGS — Big crowds still mob Donald J. Trump when he comes to town, with fans waiting in long lines to attend his rallies, where they eagerly jeer his Democratic rival and holler happily at his message. But beneath the cheering, a new emotion ...

N.M. high school football coach arrested for child sex abuse 
MORIARTY, N.M. -– A New Mexico assistant football coach was arrested for child sex abuse on Wednesday, CBS affiliate KRQE reports. The police chief of Moriarty told KRQE that Assistant Football Coach Damien Hyatt of Moriarty High School was arrested ...

Pennsylvania man who lied about Marine service for lighter sentence gets more prison time 
A Pennsylvania man who pretended to be a decorated ex-Marine sniper so he'd receive less time for theft and weapons crimes is now getting more prison time. Shane Sperow, 43, was sentenced Tuesday to 21 months to five years in state prison, beyond the six ...

Republican women increasingly fear party is alienating female voters 
A growing number of prominent Republican women are worried that as members of their male-dominated party step up to defend Donald Trump against accusations of sexual assault, they are causing irreparable damage to the GOP’s deteriorating relationship ...

Police: Brazilian man allegedly held captive by family for at least 15 years 
(CNN)Police in the Brazilian city of Guarulhos say they have discovered a man who may have been kept captive by his family for at least 15 years. Police in the city, which is in the greater Sao Paulo area, were on a drug raid Sunday evening when they ...

Philadelphia man, 19, secretely filmed inside public restrooms 
A Philadelphia college student is facing child pornography and invasion of privacy charges after allegedly planting cellphone cameras in public restrooms to secretly record women, prosecutors announced Wednesday. Vincent Kane, 19, a part-time student at ...

Jim Humble sells "Miracle Mineral Solution" bottles, claiming they cure autism. 
Federal prosecutors continue to scrutinize a bizarre church and its exiled founder who claims he was sent here from another galaxy to sell a “miracle cure” for autism. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing has been accused of preying on thousands ...

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