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Key moments from President Trump's wide-ranging press conference with Mitch McConnell 
In a wide-ranging impromptu press conference from the White House Rose Garden on Monday, President Donald Trump — joined by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — addressed a number of his administration's current goals as well as ongoing controversies.

Texas Trucker Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Of Undocumented Immigrants Leading To Deaths 
A 61-year-old truck driver has pleaded guilty to two counts of human smuggling leading to the deaths of 10 unauthorized immigrants in San Antonio earlier this year. James Matthew Bradley Jr. pleaded guilty to one count of transporting aliens resulting in ...

Trump Will ‘Look Into’ His Drug Czar Nominee Following Report 
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Monday that he would "look into" a report that his pick for drug czar championed a bill that effectively handcuffed federal agents from going after the Big Pharma firms that flooded the country with addictive opioids.

Airbus to Buy Majority Stake in Bombardier C Series Jet Program 
Deal opens new front in the battle for global aircraft sales The European planemaker will take a 50.01 percent stake in a partnership controlling the C Series, a single-aisle plane typically seating 108 to 160 passengers that has left Montreal-based ...

Astronomers Strike Gravitational Gold In Colliding Neutron Stars 
For the first time, scientists have caught two neutron stars in the act of colliding, revealing that these strange smashups are the source of heavy elements such as gold and platinum. The discovery, announced Monday at a news conference and in scientific ...

Trump Says His Predecessors Didn’t Call The Families Of Fallen Service Members. That's Not True. 
WASHINGTON ― Facing heat for not publicly commenting on the deadly ambush of four U.S. soldiers in Niger on Oct. 4, President Donald Trump tried Monday to convince reporters that he is actually more caring and compassionate to the troops than any of his ...

Japan’s Kobe Steel May Have Faked Data for Over a Decade 
Kobe Steel Ltd.’s investigations into faked product data will probably reveal that the practice began more than ten years ago, according to a company executive. As the company works to contain the fallout from the scandal, it has briefed analysts that ...

"All of us were fooled": Opioid report reverberates across political world 
WASHINGTON --A "60 Minutes" and Washington Post report Sunday night about the opioid epidemic in the U.S. reverberated from the White House to Capitol Hill. The fallout from the investigation has many speaking out. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, says ...

2 bodies found inside Joshua Tree National Park 
The bodies of two dead people were found inside Joshua Tree National Park on Sunday, authorities said. The grim discovery comes nearly three months after rescuers began combing the park in search of a couple who were reported missing when they failed to ...

Toddler's kidney transplant stalled after donor dad violates probation, family claims 
A 2-year-old boy who has been suffering from kidney issues since birth will have to wait a few more months for a transplant after his dad, who was found to be a perfect match, violated terms of his probation. The surgery was scheduled to take place on Oct ...

China's Communist Party elders picked Xi Jinping because they thought they could control him. They were wrong 
Two weeks after Xi Jinping ascended to China’s most powerful post, he took his top lieutenants to a history museum. The seven men wore nearly identical black jackets. They stopped at an exhibit titled “The Road to Rejuvenation.” Surrounded by images ...

Students Walk Out After Teacher Orders: Speak ‘American’ 
CLIFFSIDE PARK, N.J. — Students staged a walkout on Monday after a cellphone video appeared to show a New Jersey high school English teacher reprimanding three students for speaking Spanish and telling them to speak "American." "They're not fighting for ...

'No way' he'd leave her: 100-year-old and wife of 75 years among wildfire victims 
At least 41 people have died from the devastating wildfires that have been burning in California for more than a week. Add California Wildfires as an interest to stay up to date on the latest California Wildfires news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

State of emergency declared for Florida before white nationalist Richard Spencer’s campus speeach 
Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency ahead of white nationalist Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida on Thursday. The Republican governor, in a seven-page executive order, cited safety concerns and mentioned that ...

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